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Antarctic Tours – a Photographer’s Dream

Blonde Antarctic fur seal

For many amateur and professional photographers Antarctica is once in a lifetime opportunity. Photographers will find inspiration in the unique wild nature; the snow and ice, icebergs, mountains and the wildlife. Antarctica is often said to be the most unique and wildest continent in the world. Even if you are only taking photos for fun and are not a professional, it is easy to end up with hundreds or even thousands of photos.

Why Choose Antarctica?

Many previous visitors say that Antarctica was the most beautiful place they have visited in the world. Antarctica is unique in many ways. It is the fifth largest continent in the world, but it has never had a native population. The only residents are the scientists at the many research stations located here. Antarctica is governed by 46 countries that have together signed an international treaty, because it has been considered so special that no one nation should be allowed to govern it alone. According to the treaty the continent should also remain demilitarized and resist human development.

You could spend days, weeks or even months exploring this continent. Different companies offer shorter and longer cruises. Azamara Club Cruises has a cruise that takes in the Antarctic Peninsula. Other popular destinations include the Ross Sea area and the Weddell Sea, and some longer trips include the Falkland Islands and the Shetland Islands.

When Is the Best Time to Go?

The majority of Antarctic cruises happen between November and March, which is the summer season in the Southern hemisphere. The spring months from November onwards are the time to witness the march of the penguins from the sea to inland. Seabirds also arrive here to breed in the early spring.

The high summer and the late summer are a good time to observe seals and whales. The seabird population remains high throughout the summer. The weather is unpredictable even in the summer; there is 24-hour sunlight, but the temperatures can vary.

Photographing Wildlife in Antarctica

For wildlife photographers Antarctica offers unlimited opportunities. Often spotted wildlife includes humpback whales, orcas, penguins, seals and many migratory seabirds. The animals are not scared of visitors, so it is easy to get good wildlife photos. Many of the animals are more likely to be curious of visitors than afraid, and this makes Antarctica such a great destination even for amateur photographers.

When photographing wildlife remember to stay far enough from the animals, even though they are friendly and not afraid of humans. Stay at least 20 feet away from the penguins and much further away from the seals. Respect the wildlife and keep a safe distance.

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