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Cheap Scrubs at its Finest

One important clothing that we must have in our wardrobe is the uniforms. Coincidentally, your work is happen to be related to medical then, you need scrubs uniform or nursing uniform for that matter. If you asks me where to buy cheap scrubs, apparently there is only one store online that I can recommend and that would be Blue Sky Scrubs. Feel free to visit their website or simply click this link Browse at their finest collection of medical uniform, scrubs, nursing uniform and accessories. It’s cheap and yet quality product delivered right at your doorstep securely.

Scrubs for Women - Blue Sky Scrubs

Finding for designer Nursing Scrubs and Medical Uniforms are easily purchase at Blue Sky Scrubs with the most fashionable scrubs for sale online. You certainly will look slim with the cut and designs that offer a superior fit and will bring you long lasting enjoyment. You can also pick the perfect color that suits to your liking. This scrub uniform is handmade from the finest fabrics in the world. There are so many store online and offline competing on bringing the most finest and trendy scrubs but why search if you already know where to buy the cheap ones. So, shop now and enjoy filling up your wardrobe with fashionable scrubs.

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Postcrossing Enthusiast Postcard

photoshoot -justine 26 mos 038

I got this postcard from the creator of Postcrossing Enthusiast group in Facebook. I remebered she created the group with Me and Willa as the first members and then added more and now the group has grown gigantic. It’s now a mixed of people in all walks of life. Thanks Marz Ruby for the wonderful presents. I’m sure she spent a big amount of money for the printing of this postcard.

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Nothing Is Free

I just bought a new Dell pink netbook computer online and I’m glad I did because it was on sale. It was still cost over couple of hundred dollars but I love it. I know I read through the description but I probably over read other information because of the excitement. When I asked fellow blogger online about it, she mentioned about upgrade or something. That alarmed me because the software is sort of expensive. Things you need for your activity online like pdf page counter, software for premium updates and alike has to be bought online too. Well, maybe you can also find it at certain store like best buys or store that sells office supply for extra cost. But to save you some trouble of finding that pdf file, just clik the lonk provided above. Apparently, seems like everything today has a price. I don’t know if I’m going to buy that software so I can upgrade to premium. It’s just too expensive.

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Do you accept hand-me-down stuffs like clothing, toys, furniture and more? I love hand-me-downs. In fact most of our furniture are hand-me-downs from dining table to Television. Our children also got lots of old toys and book from their cousins. My sister who like to shop sometimes sends me old and new clothing. Last time we went to their place she let me picked from her collections of womens hoodies. I chose the new trench coat and sweat pants instead. It’s her husband who buys most of her designer clothing. But like I said she love shopping but prefers to buy the cheap ones and once she gets tired of if, they will take their clothing to Goodwill and keep the good ones. Meanwhile, am thankful I got that trench coat that I can use on our coming trip to Chicago because the down coat I bought looks too bulky. A single layer of clothing is not enough for me so I’m sure I include couple of hoodies to wear underneath.

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The Last Dandelion in Fall

Dandelions; they’re the first flower to bloom in spring together with crocus and I think the last one to go. We already had snow in our area and yet this dandelion still look almost perfect. Im still experimenting with my DSLR and so far this is the best I can take. unedited photo.

Model NIKON D3100
ISO 400
Exposure 1/60 sec
Aperture 6.3